Training Directory

This is a directory of firearms instructors and training organizations across Maine. These trainers can provide you with the personal instruction you need to develop your skills that only hands-on training can provide, and prepare you to move into intermediate and advanced topics. 

Name: Foothills Firearms Safety-Kelly Stewart
Location: 265 Valley Road Sumner, Maine

Basic Pistol Instruction with a dedicated covered student range.  Cost is $100 which includes: all course materials, continental breakfast/lunch, ammunition and firearms, ongoing consultation and scheduled use of the various ranges located on same property.  Successful completion of this course makes you eligible for your Concealed Carry Permit.  Classes can be either coed/all female.  For larger classes I have two other certified instructors that work with me. 

Private lessons also available: cost is based on needs/interests

I have been a fully licensed mental health provider for over 30 years, and can readily assist those who have trauma related issues with firearms and desire to work through that issue, and overall anxiety regarding use of a firearm.   

Fully insured!

Web site: On Facebook under Foothills Firearms Safety
Course types: Basic Pistol